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Synclair Gonzalez standing in front of the clock tower at Cornell University on graduation day.

H E L P,   H E A L,  I N S P I R E

When disease enters your or your loved one's life, these questions almost naturally bubble to the surface of your mind: Why is this happening? What do I do now that I have this disease? God, if you're there, can you help out? My body is decaying, how is God possibly in this?

I'm here for you if you’ve ever wrestled with these thoughts or questions. As someone who has been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and relies on 4-hour IV infusion treatments every six weeks just to have a "normal life", I have wondered the same thing.

I invite you to come along with me in this pursuit of wrestling with these questions by taking a deep look at what the Bible has to say about disease. By analyzing each mention of "disease" in the Old and New Testament, I aim to help you navigate and give you encouragement through this awful and difficult situation.

May this website be a safe space for you to find hope, find healing, and leave inspired. 

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Welcome to my site

I founded this website, with a special lens on faith, disease, and health, to serve readers by being an uplifting voice they need to persevere through the challenges that bad health can bring.


It is my earnest prayer that these squiggles you read on my site make you smile, make you think, heal you in some way, and help you persist.

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